Help Your Crew Work Faster and Safer

Work More Efficiently

While one person raises a newly-framed wall, the rest of the crew can begin framing the next. No more down time just holding a wall.

An experienced worker can set up a Wall-Lift in about 5 minutes. Hoisting the wall takes between 20 - 30 seconds.

Raise 50' Walls

An extra long 15' control cord means that one person can control two lifts at once, allowing your team to raise up to 50' of wall and up to 880 lbs.

Locking Head

The head of the Wall-Lift is designed to brace the wall while you work with it. It can be used as a temporary brace by removing the cable and winch and leaving the arm locked in place.

Keep Your Crew Safe

Lifting heavy walls overhead is inherently dangerous. Reduce your crew's exposure to back strain and wall collapse by using a Wall-Lift to raise the wall and brace it in place until it can be permanently attached.

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