Using Wall-Lift

Install Wall Stops

Prevent the bottom of the wall from sliding while it is being raised by attaching at least three 2' pieces of scrap to the outside skirt of the building.

Attach Wall Bracket

Use screws to attach the wall bracket to the top of the wall. Attach it in the middle if using one lift. Uniformly space wall brackets if multiple lifts are required.

Anchor Wall Lift

Immediately to the left of the wall bracket, butt the base plate of the Wall-Lift to the wall and attach it to the sub-floor with screws.

Assemble Winch

With the arm in an upright position, slide the winch onto the winch base and insert clip to lock in place

Extend Arm

Lower the arm and rest it on the handle of the winch. Extend the arm to it's 8' - 14' length based on the height of your wall. Use the topmost adjustment hole if your wall has a top plate.

Assemble Winch Cable

Spool the cable from the winch and over the pulley. Clip it to the wall bracket on the wall.


Plug in the winch to 110 volt power and raise the pole as you apply tension on the cable. Push the button on the winch control to raise the wall into position.

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